In the very early 1990s, I was a psychology major. During that time, I read quite a number of popular psychology books that tried to take research and apply it to real people in real situations. One of the best of these was Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. His concept of … Continue reading Synchronicity

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What’s Jim Winterton Reading?

If you follow Winterton Racquetball on Facebook, you’ll notice that Jim Winterton mentions the titles of books with some frequency. He isn’t always the best at providing the author’s details, so finding out the real book he’s discussing can take some extra effort. The most recent mention (September 14) is So Good They Can’t Ignore … Continue reading What’s Jim Winterton Reading?

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Two-a-Day racquetball conditioning

I am very fortunate to live between the two physically closest LA Fitness locations in the world (per local rumor). (Akers Mill and Marietta South) In preparation for the 2014 ACA Fall Classic Shootout at the end of September, I am stepping up my local competition. I play at the Marietta South location Monday thru … Continue reading Two-a-Day racquetball conditioning

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How far is too far to drive for a racquetball tournament?

I’m trying to figure out how far is too far to drive for a racquetball tournament. I’ll drive ~2.5 hours each way this weekend for a tournament in Greenville, South Carolina. I think that ~5 hours each way to play in Mobile, Alabama is probably too much though. Four hours each way to Charlotte, North … Continue reading How far is too far to drive for a racquetball tournament?

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First night of local league

I played in the first night of the Marietta South LA Fitness racquetball league tonight.  Played against 6 opponents, only two of whom were repeats from earlier in the month.  That makes eight distinct players with whom I have played singles this month.  USA Racquetball will be getting at least $80 when the month is done.  I’ll be … Continue reading First night of local league

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