Racquetball and Charities

There are a number of racquetball specific entities that operate as charities. Other groups use racquetball tournaments to support charities. In the past, I’ve volunteered as a ref at the Georgia Women’s Racquetball HOPE for a Cure tournament. I don’t expect to be able to make it this year, but I do still support the … Continue reading Racquetball and Charities

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Reaching Your Dream Foundation – Ambassador

The Reaching Your Dream Foundation introduced their Ambassador program with a contest to win a stay at a hotel in Mexico for a week.  They announced the winner of the contest today.  My recurring donation entered me in the contest and I was selected as the winner.  Their announcement of the win and my response went … Continue reading Reaching Your Dream Foundation – Ambassador

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What’s Jim Winterton Reading 3

If you follow Winterton Racquetball on Facebook, you’ll notice that Jim Winterton mentions the titles of books with some frequency. He isn’t always the best at providing the author’s details, so finding out the real book he’s discussing can take some extra effort. Today’s newest mention (June 17, 2016) was clear, but had one of … Continue reading What’s Jim Winterton Reading 3

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2016 HOPE for a Cure Breast Cancer Event (Donation Letter)

Message from Tara sent via email and Facebook on June 10, 2016: PDF attached to the message: HOPE FOR THE CURE Donation Letter 2016 Happy Friday, Friends! I hope that each of you are doing well! It’s that time of the year again….can you believe that we are already in the summer months, and now … Continue reading 2016 HOPE for a Cure Breast Cancer Event (Donation Letter)

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