Broadcast Racquetball: April 22-24

Some weekends of the year have no racquetball being broadcast over the internet at all.  This is not one of those weekends.  There are four(!) separate events that will all be streaming live coverage. The Ladies Professional Racquetball Tour is in San Antonio.  The World Racquetball Tour is in Sonora.  Kamyron Meeks is broadcasting from … Continue reading Broadcast Racquetball: April 22-24

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Reaching Your Dream Foundation – Ambassador

The Reaching Your Dream Foundation helps young racquetball players that are on the cusp of a professional racquetball career get to professional events and learn the life lessons needed to make that career sustainable.  In addition to helping players find sponsorship opportunities through posts on this site, I also have a recurring donation to RYDF … Continue reading Reaching Your Dream Foundation – Ambassador

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Sponsorship II, Amateur players

While doing research about companies or organizations that would be interested in supporting a Ladies Professional Racquetball Tour stop in Atlanta, I found an interesting sponsorship opportunity for female racquetball players that aren’t yet ready for the tour. The Women’s Sports Foundation  has a travel and training fund that matches up with the need for … Continue reading Sponsorship II, Amateur players

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September was USA Racquetball month

I started the blog with a commitment to play as many individual opponents as I could arrange during the month of September, both to improve my ability to read opponents and where they are hitting the ball and to improve my endurance. At the end of the month, I played in the ACA Fall Classic … Continue reading September was USA Racquetball month

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September is USA Racquetball month

As I get ready for the 2014 United Healthcare US Open Racquetball Championship Tournament in Minneapolis, Minnesota, I will be playing against as many different players as I can arrange.  After the event, I will make a donation to USA Racquetball in the amount of $10 per distinct opponent.  (Singles games, not going to count cutthroat … Continue reading September is USA Racquetball month

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