Collegiate Racquetball – what makes a successful club?

A college racquetball club in another state has asked me to write an article about them.  A college racquetball club in a third state has asked me to donate racquets to them. I’d like to help both, but first I need to determine that my efforts and money will be well spent. What kinds of … Continue reading Collegiate Racquetball – what makes a successful club?

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Reaching Your Dream Foundation – Ambassador

The Reaching Your Dream Foundation helps young racquetball players that are on the cusp of a professional racquetball career get to professional events and learn the life lessons needed to make that career sustainable.  In addition to helping players find sponsorship opportunities through posts on this site, I also have a recurring donation to RYDF … Continue reading Reaching Your Dream Foundation – Ambassador

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Sponsorship II, Amateur players

While doing research about companies or organizations that would be interested in supporting a Ladies Professional Racquetball Tour stop in Atlanta, I found an interesting sponsorship opportunity for female racquetball players that aren’t yet ready for the tour. The Women’s Sports Foundation  has a travel and training fund that matches up with the need for … Continue reading Sponsorship II, Amateur players

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Wake up, you need to make money! –twenty one pilots, Stressed Out —paraphrased— Freddy: ‘What do you think players should be doing nowadays outside of showing up to play on the court?’ Rafael: ‘Be creative and look at themselves as an enterprise.  Get in front of every camera possible.  Talk about your sponsors on every social media … Continue reading Sponsorship

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Always a good day

It is always a good day when Gearbox Racquetball delivers equipment to me. I’ll be heading to my nearest LA Fitness this evening to get in some practice for the 2015 WRT Grace Warrior Atlanta Open. 1,139 total views, 2 views today

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