Three events in three weekends?

Texas is a racquetball hotbed. 🙂 There are three events in the next three weekends, all within about a 3 hour drive for me. After that, there’s Thanksgiving weekend, and then the World Racquetball Tour in San Antonio. 11/4 Military Racquetball Family Appreciation Shootout Corpus Christi Athletic Club Corpus Christi, Texas 11/11 2017 Maverick Racquetball … Continue reading Three events in three weekends?

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Racquetball and Charities

There are a number of racquetball specific entities that operate as charities. Other groups use racquetball tournaments to support charities. In the past, I’ve volunteered as a ref at the Georgia Women’s Racquetball HOPE for a Cure tournament. I don’t expect to be able to make it this year, but I do still support the … Continue reading Racquetball and Charities

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Growth Hacking For Racquetball Tournaments

Are you taking advantage of every free internet location that is local to you so that you can reach all of the racquetball players in your area that haven’t or aren’t playing in tournaments? There are definitely a few things that I would recommend that you start doing, if you aren’t already. 1) Create a … Continue reading Growth Hacking For Racquetball Tournaments

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Doubles Season Is Upon Us (2016-2017)

In the winter, racquetball courts fill up as outdoor play winds down.  To energize players in these more crowded conditions, doubles tournaments bloom.  Between November and February, states will hold their state doubles championships, regions will hold their regional championships, and the US National Doubles Championship will also be held. November 12-13, 2016 Tennessee State … Continue reading Doubles Season Is Upon Us (2016-2017)

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