First night of local league

I played in the first night of the Marietta South LA Fitness racquetball league tonight.  Played against 6 opponents, only two of whom were repeats from earlier in the month.  That makes eight distinct players with whom I have played singles this month.  USA Racquetball will be getting at least $80 when the month is done.  I’ll be … Continue reading First night of local league

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September is USA Racquetball month

As I get ready for the 2014 United Healthcare US Open Racquetball Championship Tournament in Minneapolis, Minnesota, I will be playing against as many different players as I can arrange.  After the event, I will make a donation to USA Racquetball in the amount of $10 per distinct opponent.  (Singles games, not going to count cutthroat … Continue reading September is USA Racquetball month

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