Big Money Challenge Response

A fellow racquetball enthusiast posted a challenge about what should be done with a large sum of money to best improve, support, sustain, and grow the sport. His challenge came with a Go Fund Me, asking for $100,000, with no specificity on how he would spend that money (in any way, shape, or form). He … Continue reading Big Money Challenge Response

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Comprehensive Lists

I like a comprehensive list of things like racquetball courts. USA Racquetball employees and interns put together a list of facilities from the R2 Sports “Home Club” records of the USAR membership. This resulted in a lot of noise. 🙂 Dozens of gyms that never had racquetball courts, dozens that are out of business, and … Continue reading Comprehensive Lists

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Location, Location, Location

This conversation come up on Reddit’s Racquetball forum. It helped trigger putting some things into words that I’d been considering for a while. What would you add or change? As with any business, location will be critical. You want a large enough population to support your facility and yet a small enough cost for … Continue reading Location, Location, Location

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How Would I Find Players In City X?

In my experience, the number one question asked by existing racquetball players is “how do I find players in city X”? Here’s a few recent examples: There are a number of ways that I address this personally. First, I would check to see if there are facilities on the currently most comprehensive … Continue reading How Would I Find Players In City X?

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Racquetball Court Maps

I was asked how to add a Racquetball Court Map to a website managed via Weebly this weekend. I documented the process that resulted in the maps on Tennessee Racquetball’s and Virginia Racquetball’s websites. {Disclaimer: I think the maps on Georgia Racquetball, Alabama Racquetball, and Austin Racquetball are much more full featured and a better … Continue reading Racquetball Court Maps

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A Survey Of Regional Racquetball Discussion Groups

If one is looking to discuss racquetball or find news about local racquetball events, there are a number of discussion forums or groups that can be joined to do so. All of these examples are on Facebook, I have not scoured the association websites for forums to add here. If I’ve missed your discussion group, … Continue reading A Survey Of Regional Racquetball Discussion Groups

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