A Survey Of Racquetball Discussion Groups

If one is looking to discuss racquetball or find news about racquetball events, there are a number of discussion forums or groups that can be joined to do so. This will be a look at the various groups and their members, first by the platform, then in order by the number of registered participants. Relative … Continue reading A Survey Of Racquetball Discussion Groups

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New local website – ATXrball.com

State association websites are a bit too difficult to keep updated without lots of local assistance. (I’m still managing the Georgia and Alabama sites, relying mostly on posts on their Facebook groups {GA, AL} to get current photos.) Texas already has a website developer and maintainer on their board of directors, so I’ve only contributed … Continue reading New local website – ATXrball.com

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Have you ever wondered where you can play?

There are thousands of racquetball courts across the USA. Finding them isn’t always easy. In 2016, I took up a challenge to find all of the courts in Georgia and Alabama. This resulted in a few good maps with contact information, website links, addresses, phone numbers, number of courts, and sometimes more, like when leagues … Continue reading Have you ever wondered where you can play?

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