I proudly endorse the equipment made by Gearbox Racquetball. I strongly recommend supporting your local pro shop (even if it costs more or is a bit inconveniently placed for your daily commute). If you don’t have a good local pro shop like Recreation ATL, you can try these online shops that I have ordered from successfully in the past.

Go direct:
Gearbox Racquetball Shop

Each of these has quality people answering questions if you email or call them.
Racquetball Warehouse

I’ve also found good racquetball clothing online, the best coming from Rollout. I also endorse the people behind Racquetballer Apparel. RbW and RW are also good choices for court specific clothing.

Dick’s Sporting Goods has also served my needs well for shoes, headbands, balls, and things which don’t really require any expertise on the part of the sales rep. I only shop at this type of store in person when I can’t afford to wait for the specialty shops above.

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