New local website –

State association websites are a bit too difficult to keep updated without lots of local assistance. (I’m still managing the Georgia and Alabama sites, relying mostly on posts on their Facebook groups {GA, AL} to get current photos.) Texas already has a website developer and maintainer on their board of directors, so I’ve only contributed … Continue reading New local website –

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Plain Old Tourney – Round Rock, Texas June 2018

  Some times you just need a plain old tourney. No special causes, no pro tours, just good racquetball with good people. Clay Madsen Recreation Center 1600 Gattis School Road Round Rock, Texas 78664 June 23-24, 2018 All of the divisions were round robin or pool play. A few of the open doubles matches … Continue reading Plain Old Tourney – Round Rock, Texas June 2018

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Gearbox Racquetball – M40 – New for 2018-2019 Season

We are excited to share with you an exclusive Gearbox sneak peek of this year's NEW racquet, the M40 Collection! This collection is coming to a court near you and will be on pre-sale starting very soon in June! Are you excited!? Stay tuned for more details! Be one of the first to hit a … Continue reading Gearbox Racquetball – M40 – New for 2018-2019 Season

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Women Making Racquetball History Now!

On my news site, Daily Racquetball, there will be a new feature every Wednesday that includes interviews with female racquetball players, coaches, board association members, tournament organizers, and more. To get the process started, ~30 women were identified and they will be asked to visit this page so that they can see and consider all … Continue reading Women Making Racquetball History Now!

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Cliff & Sudsy Return With More Racquetball Clincs In 2018

There are a number of well known professional racquetball coaches that put on weekend long camps, Jim Winterton and Fran Davis, in particular. In 2018, Cliff Swain and Sudsy Monchik return to putting on a series of camps at LifeTime Fitness locations in events sponsored by Gearbox Racquetball. Get signed up for these early! The … Continue reading Cliff & Sudsy Return With More Racquetball Clincs In 2018

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2017 Recap

The following are the articles published in 2017, with their page views thru December 31st. Which one was your favorite? 1,585 Have you ever had professional racquetball training? 781 What’s Sudsy Monchik Reading 3 506 Growth Hacking For Racquetball Tournaments 503 What are players looking for in an association website? 492 Social Media and how … Continue reading 2017 Recap

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