Facebook Plan For City/State/Regional Associations

On August 11th, USA Racquetball published an article about the Illinois State Racquetball Association. Their social media changes and plans were part of that article. https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Racquetball/Features/2020/August/11/State-of-the-States—IL I made a post on Facebook that got some reaction about how I felt that their goal wasn’t going to be met by their strategy. In addition, the goal … Continue reading Facebook Plan For City/State/Regional Associations

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Rebuilding Courts In Mississippi

There is a group that is looking to rebuild two racquetball courts in Mississippi. The flooring and glass front walls are already in place. They need to rebuild the wall separating the space back into two courts (taken down previously to make one large space) and to redo the front and side wall panels. What … Continue reading Rebuilding Courts In Mississippi

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Make An Impact For Racquetball This Fall

Where is the possibility to make the biggest impact on the game currently? USA Racquetball Instructor certification and insurance (and SafeSport vetting) taken to college courts. Every community college and university that I have lived next to has “adult continuing education”. If that college or university has racquetball courts, then a certified and insured instructor … Continue reading Make An Impact For Racquetball This Fall

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Save Our Courts

The LA Fitness locations in Florida have filled their racquetball courts with equipment (first day post COVID-19 reopening). When asked when the courts will reopen for racquetball: at one south Florida facility, the manager was quoted as “it may be permanent”. at another north Florida facility, the front desk was quoted as “per CDC guidelines, … Continue reading Save Our Courts

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Comprehensive Lists

I like a comprehensive list of things like racquetball courts. USA Racquetball employees and interns put together a list of facilities from the R2 Sports “Home Club” records of the USAR membership. This resulted in a lot of noise. 🙂 Dozens of gyms that never had racquetball courts, dozens that are out of business, and … Continue reading Comprehensive Lists

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Interesting Maths…

Originally posted on Facebook and Reddit. Now includes some of my responses to comments on that post. Recently reported: 3,000,000 racquetball players in the US in 2019 (polling methodology not provided, cannot confirm independently) USA Racquetball members: ~13,000 (2018 year end financials indicate ~7,400 full $50 yearly memberships sold, but it is likely a higher … Continue reading Interesting Maths…

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