Capital City Clash – Recap

I spent last weekend in Columbia, South Carolina at the 1st Annual Capital City Clash racquetball tournament. There were 46 players in attendance, including 5 from Georgia, 1 from North Carolina, and 40 from South Carolina. We played at the Tri-City Leisure Center, which had 2 glass-backed courts, so you could watch all of the … Continue reading Capital City Clash – Recap

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Conflicting event dates make me sad

There are 3 tournaments within nominal driving distance the first weekend in December. (Friday the 5th thru Sunday the 7th) Brentwood, Tennessee (Just outside Nashville) Macon, Georgia West Columbia, South Carolina The Macon event is actually the closest to me, and is the first non-Atlanta/non-Lilburn indoor racquetball tournament in Georgia I’ve seen announced since I … Continue reading Conflicting event dates make me sad

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The Value of Self-reflection

Socrates: “The life which is unexamined is not worth living.” Santayana: “He who does not remember the past is condemned to repeat it.” How do these philosophical quotes apply to racquetball in 2014? Working on your game and seeing from outside your own skull is an essential step to understanding how you are truly doing. … Continue reading The Value of Self-reflection

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Winter is for doubles?

As players leave the tennis courts and the outdoor racquetball courts and head inside, racquetball courts can see a lot more traffic. Winter is the season of state and regional racquetball tournaments, with them happening from October thru January, culminating in the national doubles tournament in Tempe, Arizona in February. Doubles Fundamentals with Racquetball Warehouse … Continue reading Winter is for doubles?

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2014 IRT ATLANTA OPEN Singles and Doubles Racquetball Tournament Results

Congratulations go out to all of the participants of the 2014 IRT Atlanta Open Singles and Doubles Racquetball Tournament this weekend at Recreation ATL. Extra thanks goes out to Jason Chan and his finely honed tournament staff, Marquis Miller, Maurice Miller, and James Barber. Things would certainly not have gone as smoothly without their dedicated … Continue reading 2014 IRT ATLANTA OPEN Singles and Doubles Racquetball Tournament Results

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