2014 IRT Atlanta Open – This Weekend

The 2014 IRT Atlanta Open is taking place this weekend. At the late entry deadline (Tuesday at 8 pm), there were 122 players signed up. This will make for an amazing turnout, if everyone shows up. There are still quite a few people registered for doubles, but their partner didn’t register. 🙁 With 25 players … Continue reading 2014 IRT Atlanta Open – This Weekend

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Level Up Drill

In late August or early September, Jim Winterton wrote a post on Facebook about how to up your level of play by one division. I internalized the post rather than copying it out to a Notepad file, which turns out to be a mistake because now I can’t find it again on his timeline. Basically, … Continue reading Level Up Drill

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September was USA Racquetball month

I started the blog with a commitment to play as many individual opponents as I could arrange during the month of September, both to improve my ability to read opponents and where they are hitting the ball and to improve my endurance. At the end of the month, I played in the ACA Fall Classic … Continue reading September was USA Racquetball month

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