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I like numbers.
I like maps.

I like to understand how many of a thing there are, and where they are.

I spent a few minutes today examining the 2018 United Healthcare US Open participant list. I took the number of players from each US state and put them on a map. I did the same thing for each country.

The individual statistics don’t match the grand total. Some of this is explained by the participant list including people that bought tickets for the pro matches or t-shirts, but aren’t playing in any divisions.

All participants including non-players: 718
Players by country: 665
Players by US state: 550

It is my expectation that the By State option is the most accurate count of players out of the three views. (550 by state, but 551 in the country list for the US, for example.)

BatchGeo has an excellent mapping service, that will let you set a number of items onto a location and then see them on a map.

View US Open 2018 Participants by country in a full screen map

View US Open 2018 Participants by state in a full screen map

Participant count by country:
United States 551
Mexico 28
Canada 13
Colombia 13
Guatemala 12
Bolivia 10
Costa Rica 9
Ecuador 6
Japan 6
Venezuela 4
Ireland 3
Argentina 2
Honduras 2
Germany 1
Netherlands 1
Pakistan 1
Peru 1
South Korea 1
Uruguay 1

Participant count by US state:
Minnesota 96
California 52
Florida 50
Texas 45
Illinois 36
Colorado 24
Iowa 20
North Dakota 18
Indiana 14
Ohio 13
Missouri 12
New York 12
Georgia 11
Wisconsin 11
Arizona 10
Oregon 10
Michigan 9
Tennessee 9
Virginia 9
Pennsylvania 8
Washington 8
North Carolina 7
South Carolina 7
Maryland 5
Montana 5
Nebraska 5
New Jersey 5
South Dakota 5
Mississippi 4
Nevada 4
Connecticut 3
Kansas 3
Wyoming 3
Arkansas 2
Kentucky 2
Louisiana 2
Oklahoma 2
Utah 2
District of Columbia 1
Hawaii 1
Idaho 1
Maine 1
Massachusetts 1
New Hampshire 1
New Mexico 1

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