2014 IRT Atlanta Open – This Weekend

The 2014 IRT Atlanta Open is taking place this weekend. At the late entry deadline (Tuesday at 8 pm), there were 122 players signed up. This will make for an amazing turnout, if everyone shows up. There are still quite a few people registered for doubles, but their partner didn’t register. 🙁

With 25 players in the Pro/Open division vying for the prize money, there should be plenty of good action on the two glass backed courts. Come out and watch a bit, even if you aren’t playing!

The bracket for the pros, as I expect it to be seeded, based on their rankings at the end of September is in the graphic below. Click on it for a better view.
Expected Bracket

Start times will be posted Thursday, after noon. Be sure to watch for any matches that get scheduled on Friday, with 122 players we’ll need all the extra time we can arrange. There are 7 courts, but it will still take up quite a bit of time to get everyone thru.

Hope you can join us!