2016 LPRT event recap

Over the weekend, we had 92 players join us in Lilburn, Georgia at Recreation ATL for our Ladies Professional Racquetball Tour event.  We had twenty players in the LPRT pro division, with many of them competing in Open Doubles and Mixed Open Doubles as well.

I tend to enjoy a tournament best when it sounds like a west Texas high school football game, i.e. lots of enthusiasm and support from the crowd for great performances.  We did have some of that, but not quite what I was hoping for in the matches that got streamed on the LPRT’s channel on Livestream.comEight matches are archived and can be reviewed for free.  The finals appeared to be recorded but was not streamed because of technical problems with the recording PC.

Congratulations go to Frederique Lambert for tournament win!

The event did shake up the standings a bit, as three of the top eight ranked players were unable to attend.

Congratulations go to Alexandra Herrera for her move from eighth to fifth via her finals appearance!

Additional congratulations go to Cristina Amaya for her Open Singles and Mixed Open Doubles wins, and to Jordan Cooperrider & Alexandra Herrera for their Open Doubles win!

On the men’s side, we had appearances from Sebastian Franco, Bobby Horn, and 21 additional Open players.

A quick brief of all of the division winners is on the Georgia Racquetball website.

Thank you to everyone that made it out!

A few words from The Racquetball Blog:
Preview, Rounds of 32 & 16, Quarterfinals, Championship Match

Round of 16 – Sofia Rascon vs. Ceci Pratt

Round of 16 – Jessica Parilla vs. Arrisa Hanson

Round of 16 – Frederique Lambert vs. Regina Franco

Round of 16 – Rhonda Rajsich vs. Sharon Fox

Quarterfinals – Frederique Lambert vs. Cristina Amaya

Quarterfinals – Rhonda Rajsich vs. Carla Muñoz Montesinos

Semifinals – Frederique Lambert vs. Jessica Parilla

Semifinals – Alexandra Herrera vs. Carla Muñoz Montesinos