Alphabet Workout For Racquetball Players

Have you ever seen the CrossFit style build your own workout alphabets?

Here’s one for racquetball specific exercises.
Remember that you aren’t trying to get in general good shape, you are working to be the best you can be on the racquetball court.

You can get the spreadsheet I used to put this together originally here:

Inspiration from Jesse Serna from In-Shape Health Clubs, John Ellis from Pro Racquetball Academy, and the pro racquetball players from the 209! (Shout out to Nick Irvine for all the great video that was Ektelon TV!)

Agility drills on the list are from the first two videos here:

You can do ladder drills with painters tape or chalk on a sidewalk, you don’t need to buy anything more elaborate.

My background is in massage therapy and software development, don’t try these exercises without consulting a doctor to ensure that you are in good enough shape to take these on. Consult a physical therapist or a personal trainer if you need assistance doing these or finding a good replacement exercise.

Step 1: Take the number of your birth month.
Step 1a: If this is number is low (1-6), use it as the number of sets you will do. Do 5-8 repetitions of each exercise.
Step 1b: If this number is high (7-12), use it as the number of repetitions you will do. Do 3-5 sets of the workout.

Step 2: Pick a word. (Perhaps your first name, perhaps multiple words.)
Step 2a: Use the list below to determine your workout, based on the word your chose.
Step 2b: If the workout looks too easy, add a short word.

If a time is given ignore repetition numbers, do the time once each set.

A Pushups
B Burpee over racquet (i.e. with a forward jump)
C Ice Skaters Drill
D Agility drill: Drop Steps
E Agility drill: Extended Icky Shuffle (wide steps)
F Squats (hips below parallel)
G Run Around Your Block (only once)
H High Knees (30 seconds)
I Agility drill: Icky Shuffle
J Jumping Lunges
K Jump High (get over a shot, so pick your feet up)
L Leg raises
M Mountain climbers (fast, 30 seconds)
N Supermans
O Suicide Sprint (Running lines)
P Plank (1 minute)
Q Plank Up-Downs
R Renegade Row (plank & push up variant)
S Star Drill
T Duck Walk 1 minute
U Butterfly situps
V V-ups / Jackknifes
W Agility drill: Box Apart
X Agility drill: Inchworm (90 degrees)
Y Agility drill: Jab step (deep in-in out-out)
Z Agility drill: In-In Out-Out

Example workout:
So that will work out to 3 sets of 8 of the following exercises.
G – Run Around Your Block
E – Icky Shuffle, stepping far outside the ladder
A – Pushups
R – Renegade Row
B – Burpee with a jump forward over your racquet
O – Suicide Sprints one set
X – Inchworm hips agility drill
Rest as needed, then do the next set.