Coach Fran Davis Is Coming To Atlanta

Fran Davis Racquetball Camp
Atlanta, GA – January 20-22, 2017

“Championship Racquetball” Camp Series 2017

Attention Racquetball Enthusiasts!

Jan 20-22, 2017 there will be an Instructional WEEKEND Racquetball CAMP in the Atlanta area with 2 of the most dynamic coaches/players in the game today. Fran and Jason team up to share with you 50+ years of their WINNING racquetball experiences and knowledge and cover EVERY aspect of the game from stroke mechanics, to shots of the games, to drills, to court position, to shot selection, to serves/return of serves, to game plans/strategies, to mental toughness, to training schedules and more… The camp course includes 14+ hours of a combination of lectures, on court instruction, playing/critiquing, drilling, video analysis, play the pro, and a competitive shuttle as well as a Camp HEAD T-Shirt, 100 page Camp Manual and Penn Racquetballs. This teaching experience is open to EVERYONE…all skill levels and all ages…and GUARANTEES to bring your game to the next level with the latest teaching techniques.

Come and be a part of “Championship Racquetball” and see why over 1,000’s of people from all over the world have come to work with Fran and Jason to IMPROVE their games…you will be HAPPY you did as your game will improve DRAMATICALLY!


If you don’t already have her book and DVD, you can get a feel for her style of communicating via the articles she posts monthly on the International Racquetball Tour website.

Getting Ready for Nationals with Fran Davis

Taking Time Off and Recovery

Preseason Preparation

Championship Racquetball Sports Triangle

Championship Racquetball: Consistency Rules

Fear of Failure and How to Overcome Fear …Part 1

Fear of Failure and How to Overcome Fear …Part 2

Illness and How it Affects Performance

Slumps and How to Deal with Them

How to Bounce Back After Losing a Match

Burnout and Fighting Back

The Key to a Better Game: Routine


Controlling the Match

Be a Racquetball Detective

Play One Point at a Time

Controlling Center Court

Concentration and Focus

Play the Ball, Not Your Opponent

Post-Season Recovery Training

Preseason Training

Goal Setting

Playing the Percentage

Watching the Ball at All Times

Controlling Your Opponent’s Court Position

Take Your Best Shot

Going Back to Basics

The Art of Racquetball Doubles: Picking a Partner

The Art of Doubles: Court Position

Playing in the ZONE!

Four Steps to Mental Toughness

Playing in the Now

Use Your TIME OUTS Effectively!

DO NOT Let Bad Calls Adversely Affect You

Video Analysis: See What You Miss – and Why

Have a Game Plan, On and Off the Court

Advanced Strategizing to Avoid Plateauing

7 Secret Ingredients of Great Doubles Teams

Bouncing Back: Win or Learn

Creating Your Opponent’s Mistakes

What’s the Purpose of the Return of Serve?

Concentration and Focus….a Critical Part of Mental Toughness

Overcoming Adversity…. a Critical Part of Mental Toughness

The Art of Doubles Shot Selection

The Art of Doubles Service Game Strategy

Center Court: Positioning and Observing

2 Common Serve-Return Errors, and How to Fix Them

How Important Are Routines?

Your Emotional State Affects Your Game

Game Situations and Strategies


Why You Need a Pregame Psych Plan


Racquetball… Indoor or Outdoor or BOTH

What is ERP?