Conflicting event dates make me sad, 3

May 15, 16, 17 is the next date semi-local tournament organizers want my attendance. This is the weekend before the National Championships, so it would be useful to play that weekend. Birmingham is ~2.5 hours away and West Columbia is ~3.5 hours away, advantage Alabama. West Columbia has 2 beautiful courts and Birmingham has 5, edge to Birmingham again. Number of people already signed up online today West Columbia 20 to Birmingham’s 0, so West Columbia gets this category. Entry fees for the first division are the same, but entering a second division favors West Columbia again by 5. I don’t know yet that I’ll go to either one, but I do lean towards Birmingham at this point.

Drive time – Birmingham
Number of Courts – Birmingham
Registered players – West Columbia
Entry Fees – West Columbia

Tri-city Leisure Center
485 Brooks Avenue
West Columbia, South Carolina 29169
May 15th – 17th

University of Alabama in Birmingham
1501 University Blvd.
Birmingham, AL 35294
May 16th – 17th

Jackson, Tennessee (5.5 hour drive) also has a tournament that weekend. I haven’t ever played outdoor racquetball, seems like it would be too much like tennis – rally over, time to chase the ball again. The players that like it, really like it though. Forty one players have already signed up. If outdoor is your bag, try this one on.

WORstock Presented by Ultimate Racquetball
Racquetball Ranch
901 Cotton Grove Road
Jackson, Tennessee 38305