Conflicting event dates make me sad

There are 3 tournaments within nominal driving distance the first weekend in December.
(Friday the 5th thru Sunday the 7th)

Brentwood, Tennessee (Just outside Nashville)

Macon, Georgia

West Columbia, South Carolina

The Macon event is actually the closest to me, and is the first non-Atlanta/non-Lilburn indoor racquetball tournament in Georgia I’ve seen announced since I started playing outside of my local gym about 2 years ago.

Only the West Columbia event was publicized and scheduled thru, so it was the first on my radar, and the only one to get my commitment. While I would love to support Terry and Efrain in their grass roots efforts, I vastly prefer the openness and online registration of R2 Sports. Knowing in advance that there will be 3+ other people in my division helps justify the travel time. I really prefer to see 8+, but the absence of publicly viewable entry lists discourages me from jumping in a Jeep in the cold winter weather to attend an unknown event with an unknown quantity of competition.

Here’s a push for the Macon event, you’ll want to contact Efrain via email or Facebook ASAP.