Doubles Season Is Upon Us

In the winter, racquetball courts fill up as outdoor play winds down.  To energize players in these more crowded conditions, doubles tournaments bloom.  Between November and February, states will hold their state doubles championships, regions will hold their regional championships, and the US National Doubles Championship will also be held.

December 11-13, 2015
Georgia State Doubles Championship at Emory University

January 29-31, 2016
Regional Doubles Championship at Recreation ATL

February 10-14, 2016
USRA National Doubles Championship at Arizona State University

In light of this, I’ve reviewed some doubles racquetball instruction videos.

Racquetball Warehouse / Ben Croft
Doubles Positioning
Doubles Strategy: Front and Back or Side to Side
Doubles Serves
Doubles Shot Selection

Racquetball Warehouse / Tim Doyle and Chris Crowther
Warm Up
Positioning Strategy
Court Positioning
Pinch Shot
Jam Serve
Backhand Serve
Forehand Return Serve
Backhand Return Serve

Expert Village / Shawn Royster
Playing Doubles (sound problems)

And here are a few great matches from the Pros to show you what is possible.
U.S. Open 2014: Kane Waselenchuk/Ben Croft Vs Chris Crowther/Alejandro Landa
U.S. Open 2014: Kane Waselenchuk/Ben Croft Vs Cliff Swain/Mike Green
U.S. Open 2014: Cliff Swain/Mike Green Vs Juan Ugalde/Pablo Kurzbard
U.S. Open 2014: Jose Rojas/Daniel De La Rosa Vs. Marco Rojas/Jose Diaz
U.S. Open 2014: Alvaro Beltran/Rocky Carson Vs. Jose Rojas/Daniel De La Rosa