Facebook Live Broadcast Notes

Notes for casual Facebook Live broadcasters:

1) Make sure “Auto Rotate” is turned on in your phone settings, particularly if you regularly turn it off for 99% of your other activities.

2) Before you tap on Go Live in Facebook, put your phone in your tripod horizontally.

If you do step 2, but forget step 1, you’ll get a message from Facebook telling you not to turn your phone while recording.

Only took me 4-5 games to remember that I needed to do step 1 on October 28th when Daily Racquetball broadcast the 2018 South Austin Life Time Racquetball Tournament. Sorry about that.

To watch the videos that are rotated, use a phone or tablet, and turn your Auto Rotation off, or fix the setting to Portrait mode, and then start the video. You can then reorient the phone or tablet as needed to get the best view.