Fix My Racquet Open Tournament In Round Rock, Texas

It is always great when a tournament sponsor really believes in the event and stays for the entire thing, even when they are done playing themselves! 🙂

This weekend, the Open was held at the Clay Madsen Recreation Center. Howard Walker & Dragana Bulatovic ran the tournament desk and made sure everything ran smoothly. Thanks team!

Michelle and Randy Clark of were there the entire weekend, ensuring that everyone had what they needed to keep the players fed and happy and playing.

Fix My Racquet owners

Sandy Long coaches the Texas Junior Racquetball Team from Arlington. When she travels to tournaments, she lays out a great pro shop with the proceeds going to the Team’s travel and tournament expenses. If you see her at an event, be sure to pick something up!

The weekend started with the A Singles division, pool play, 12 players. Morgan Davis was the winner on the day!
Matthew Chase (left), Morgan Davis (right)

The B/C Singles division was next, round robin, with 4 players. Jack Yang took the win!
Jack Yang (left), Chris Tracy (right)

The Open/Elite Singles division took the rest of the day on Saturday, 12 players, pool play. Noel Chapa took the win!
Noel Chapa (left), Lorenzo Valdez (right)

Some video of this final match was streamed on Facebook, you might want to watch on a mobile device so that you can rotate your screen. Still working on getting the best results with the tripod and phone setup. 🙂

Game one

Fix My Racquet Open singles finals.
Lorenzo Valdez vs Noel Chapa

Posted by JT RB on Saturday, December 9, 2017

Game two

Posted by JT RB on Saturday, December 9, 2017

The second day of the event started with Men’s Open Doubles. Fifteen teams battled thru a pool play to get to the semifinals and then finals matches. John Rhodes and Richard Eisemann came up with the win!

John Rhodes & Richard Eisemann (team on the right), Tom Doughty & Alejandro Almada (team on the left)

Men’s A/B Doubles followed shortly afterwards, 4 teams, round robin. David Hughen & Sammy Maruri came out with the win!

David Hughen & Sammy Maruri (team on the right), Efrain Sanchez & Peter Perez (team on the left)

Mixed Doubles ended the weekend, with 5 teams. Brent Poss and Sandy Rios took every match in the round robin!

The second place Mixed Open team had already half left the building by the time the trophies were distributed, so only Julienne Arnold of the website (and Texas Racquetball Association board member) was still around to be photographed! Her partner was Bruce Robles.

Open Doubles First Two Games courtesy of Racquetball IsNotACrime!

Open Doubles Tiebreaker Game courtesy of Racquetball IsNotACrime!

Thanks again to the team and to the tournament directors for another great weekend in Round Rock, Texas!