GBX1 – New racquets for a new competitive year

This morning, Gearbox Sports announced their new lineup of racquets for the 2016-2017 tournament season.

It started with an email sent out to all of the players that have signed up on their notification page.  It was followed a few hours later by sales posts on Facebook by Racquetball Warehouse and RacquetWorld.  Other online stores also have the pre-order available, for example, Lawler Sports.

Included in the pre-sale opportunity for the GBX1 series of racquets is a unique shirt that isn’t available for purchase otherwise.

Will you be pre-ordering with your local pro shop, like Recreation ATL, or going direct, or buying from one of the big name online stores?

I went direct and will be playing with the GBX1 170 Teardrop starting at the Georgia Games and continuing on thru the 2016-2017 season that ends for me with USA Racquetball’s National Singles Tournament.

Preorder Sale Banner

All colors of the GBX1

Gearbox GBX1 170T