Make An Impact For Racquetball This Fall

Where is the possibility to make the biggest impact on the game currently?

USA Racquetball Instructor certification and insurance (and SafeSport vetting) taken to college courts.

Every community college and university that I have lived next to has “adult continuing education”. If that college or university has racquetball courts, then a certified and insured instructor should be offering classes there. I’ve frequently seen things like Aikido and Tai Chi in the catalogs sent out to every community member. Racquetball players should be taking advantage of that opportunity to be in front of people looking for new skills and activities.

This serves two purposes: 1) it shows the school a need for the continued existence of the courts as courts and 2) it exposes the game to players that either haven’t played or haven’t played since their own time attending college.

The most important steps to emphasize to the school when approaching them to start this type of project would be the SafeSport vetting and the insurance provided by the certification status.

Things I would do during a 8-ish week class:

1) Have a 1-page flyer given out at the beginning and available to be handed out at each class

1a) list all of the places to play within 30 miles of the school
1b) list all of the places where you can buy balls, gloves, goggles, and racquets
1c) Include your contact information for follow-up personal instruction
1d) consider having all of that information on a webpage as well, that could be more comprehensive. See example:

2) Introduce video that can reinforce everything.

Going to cover forehand grip and forehand shots on the first day? Pick a good video or two that you can show and have that linked on your site.

Consider picking and choosing from the existing videos here:

If you did go with the local website, have each session’s videos embedded in a page.

3) Keep it simple.

Start with an explanation that all racquet sports are essentially just an alternate version of “Keep Away”. AKA Keep the ball away from your opponent so that it bounces twice before they can get to it.

4) Keep it fun.

Remember that it is a game and your continuing education students are looking for a good fun way to exercise.


Does you local college or university have courts?

Do they already have an evening class for racquetball?

Let me know if you need help with step 1, I can help you get the information you need and get the website you desire up and running.