New local website –

State association websites are a bit too difficult to keep updated without lots of local assistance. (I’m still managing the Georgia and Alabama sites, relying mostly on posts on their Facebook groups {GA, AL} to get current photos.) Texas already has a website developer and maintainer on their board of directors, so I’ve only contributed to their court maps project (and overwhelmed them with details).

In order to have the local high touch reporting that I recommend in the Association Review articles, I’ve started another website specific to Austin area racquetball.

The court list is comprehensive, with more detail on each facility than the current Texas implementation allows.

As each local tournament is announced and completed, those reports are added to the site.

For the most part, my local reporting will move completely to that site, unless I am specifically reviewing some aspect of the tournament promotion, advertising, attendance, etc. that is more appropriate to this site’s theme than the videos / matches / winners / attendees that are appropriate to that site.

Do you have any need for this type of site for your state, city, or country association? I can help you out with very reasonable pricing for WordPress setup (including the court map research and implementation) and regular reporting. Drop me a line if so.