New t-shirts for summer

I like to start the summer months with new t-shirts.  Gearbox Sports delivers right on time with their new summer collection.

Are you supporting the racquetball manufacturers by buying their branded clothes, or are you thoughtlessly giving your money to shoe companies that don’t care about racquetball at all?

Gearbox Summer Shirts

I see a lot of players wearing shirts and shorts that don’t have anything to do with the sport.  It makes me disappointed that the potential evangelists for the game spent their money on clothing that doesn’t support the game.  At the very least, wear the t-shirts you got at the tournaments you attended!

If you aren’t a Gearbox fan, try the shirts at In Your Face Racquetball, or Racquetballer Apparel, or Wear Rollout, or Racquetball Warehouse, or RacquetWorld, or One Shot, or KillShot, or SplatHead.   Don’t give your money blindly to companies that aren’t directly supporting the game of racquetball by sponsoring tournaments or players or both!