In the very early 1990s, I was a psychology major. During that time, I read quite a number of popular psychology books that tried to take research and apply it to real people in real situations. One of the best of these was Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. His concept of living in the moment, getting the most out of the experience that you are in, fits in very well with the games I played tonight. When I got home, I saw an email from the IRT, and Fran Davis’ article about Playing in the Now.

Good stuff.

In racquetball you have to learn that there is only one ball, one shot, one serve, and one point at a time, and that time is always now. That is truly the real beauty that every shot you hit only happens in the now.
Fran Davis
2004 Racquetball Hall of Fame Inductee
Racquetball Woman of the Year 2009

2008 edition of Flow

Flow in Sports
Being totally absorbed in the task at hand is essential to becoming a sports champion.
Jimmy Johnson
Head Coach and General Manager, Miami Dolphins
Head Coach, Super Bowl Champion Dallas Cowboys (1992 and 1993)
Head Coach, NCAA National Champion University of Miami (1987)