United Healthcare US Open Results

Just a quick post to detail my matches at the United Healthcare US Open that took place in Minneapolis, Minnesota the week of October 8 – October 12.

First match – My opponent is from Ecuador, and only came up for the tournament. (He looked to be college age, so I asked him if he was studying in the USA. He was not.) 15-6, 15-6 was a good way for me to get started.

Second match – My opponent is a left hander from Venezuela, and he comes to the US frequently for tournaments. I had played him at the 2014 IRT Florida Spring Break Pro Am in doubles and was victorious in that match. His partner had hurt his knee that week, so it wasn’t the best showing that they could have made. In Minneapolis, it was just him against me. It took three games, but I was able to squeak past him. 15-14, 13-15, 11-9

Third match – My opponent from Iowa beat me last year in the same division, first match. This year was all about the serve and return of serve. Jim Winterton recommended the Level Up set of drills, which I did for most of September, and it payed off in these two games. 15-1, 15-5

Finals – My opponent is also my doubles partner. Harder fought then the scores look, I was absolutely on track and in the moment in the first game. The second game he buckled down and I couldn’t scramble fast enough. In the tiebreaker, it was too much like the second game and Darryl came up with the win. It was good to have an all Georgia final, but I’ll need more work to get past him. 15-6, 0-15, 3-11

I mentioned in a previous post about the ambiguity of the division classifications. A player that considers himself an A player can play in C doubles because the ranking groupings are too large. We went down pretty quickly in this match. Our opponents made it to the finals, but didn’t win that one.

I was hoping to link to pictures of our medals in front of the US Open signs, but they haven’t been posted yet.