What’s In My Bag

I use the Ally bag from Gearbox Sports to transport all of my racquetball equipment to the gym or to a tournament. You’ve likely seen videos of people taking things out of their bags. I took a different approach. As I put the things in the bag, I took a picture showing which pocket the things went into.

Outside pocket 1: Three Gearbox racquets. I use the 10th Anniversary GBX1 170 Teardrop Blue racquet. I also have an MX1 in the bag in case I need to play with a third when I am lending out the two new ones.

Outside pocket 2: Tiger Tail Massage Stick, SKLZ Agility Ladder, New Gearbox Movement Gloves

Shoe Tunnel: Size 13 Mizuno Wave Tornado X volleyball shoes

Racquet side external pocket: Headbands, wristbands, and a comb

Accessories side external pocket: Gearbox Vision Eyewear (2 pairs), and some pens

Main compartment separator, left side: Medical emergency supplies

Inside mesh pocket 1: Wallet, phones

Inside mesh pocket 2: McDavid Patella Knee Straps (used occasionally, three year old injury slipping down some stairs), and my keys (not pictured)

Main compartment (top): Three cans of balls, blue painter’s tape to mark areas for target practice without leaving a mess

Main compartment (above the ball cans): Clothes to change into to practice with, multiple shirts, a pair of Gearbox board shorts, socks, underwear

Main compartment (above the shoe tunnel): towel, underwear, socks, reusable fabric bag from the US Open for the sweaty clothes after the practice/play, stainless steel water bottle

Glove cords: Four current Gearbox Gloves that I can switch between during the practice or match

Top handle: Football towel with Velcro closure

Integrated clasp: Flashlight that I got at a prior US Open event.

Ring attachment: Lock