2015 Cullman SportsFit Winterblast

In a previous post, I mentioned a work conflict with the 2015 Cullman SportsFit Winterblast tournament. With some assistance and a late Thursday night, I was able to get freed up to attend this annual event in Cullman, Alabama. I played in the B singles and the C singles divisions. In my first match in the B division, Pat gave me one of my toughest and best matches in a long while. i.e. I was playing well, he was playing well, and we went to the tiebreaker. He pulled it out in the end. In the C division, I played ok against Justin and mostly let him beat himself by keeping the ball in play and keeping him close to the back wall. Erik was a tougher challenge, playing the most physical match I’ve played in a while. An awful lot of blast shots that jumped off the back wall that I had to chase down to have any hope of touching. He ran me out of gas and was able to get me out in two games. Erik did end up winning the division, but I do feel that I could have played those games much better. There will definitely need to be some wind sprints or suicide sprints in my training before the national championships in May. Another great tournament with the great people in Cullman.