Learning by Analysis of Video

Thomas Parks turned me on to a great YouTube channel with Racquetball game play analysis by RacquetballTim. A great way to learn the ins and out of game play, correct swings, shot selection, and court positioning is to watch a match in action and to have an expert critique every rally. Tim does a great job communicating the what, how and why of improvement in this game play analysis for Mike. If you are looking to improve your game and you can’t get someone to do this with you locally in real time, take a look first thru the free video’s Tim has made available, then consider hiring the pros to take your game to the next level.

Jim Winterton provides video coaching from Phoenix, Arizona
Fran Davis provides video coaching from Seattle, Washington
Cliff Swain provides video coaching from Davison, Michigan
John Ellis provides video coaching from Stockton, California