A Survey Of Racquetball Discussion Groups

2023 Updated Article here: A Survey Of Racquetball Discussion Groups (2023 Revist)

If one is looking to discuss racquetball or find news about racquetball events, there are a number of discussion forums or groups that can be joined to do so.

This will be a look at the various groups and their members, first by the platform, then in order by the number of registered participants.
Relative activity levels of each of the groups will be added as well, when known.


2,390 Readers
Regular contributions from Pro Racquetball Stats and Daily Racquetball, with discussion of where to play, racquets to buy, and more. Eleven new posts in the last week, active discussion for the last 9 years.


Racquetball Friends
4,096 members
Two or three posts per day, except during broadcast tournaments by the LPRT or IRT or USA Racquetball or IRF.

Make Racquetball Great Again
3,870 members
Dozens of new items per day, most of the same broadcast matches are shared into this group as well.

Live Streaming of Racquet Sports
2,269 members
Matches are shared from amateurs thru the pros. Some pickleball and other racquet sports are shared to this group as well.

National Masters Racquetball Association – NMRA
868 members
A few posts per week, primarily discussion of upcoming tournaments catering to the 40+ year old crowd.

837 members
A handful of posts per month.

Racquetball Club USA
714 members
A handful of posts per month.

Racquetball Tips Photos Y Videos
690 members
Very similar to the Live Streaming of Racquet Sports Group, but predates it by a few years and is strictly racquetball.

Keep Racquetball Great
534 members
Dozens of posts per day. Most posts are historical, old racquets, old magazines. Discussion of how the game used to be. Some posts of matches similar to other groups.

eXtreme Training Racquetball
366 members
Discussion and sharing of match video, primarily in Spanish.

World Racquetball News
159 members
News from every national and international organization of racquetball is reposted to this group. No local discussions/events here.