A Survey Of Racquetball Discussion Groups (2023 Revist)

Back in 2019, I did a survey of racquetball discussion groups. Some of those groups have been deleted, some have stagnated, others have grown significantly. This is the update on the membership of those groups updated August 8, 2023.

If one is looking to discuss racquetball or find news about racquetball events, there are a number of discussion forums or groups that can be joined to do so.

This is simply a list of links to the biggest groups, it is not an endorsement of the politics expressed in any of those groups or of the personalities of their most prominent members, although most do have racquetball as their primary agenda. There is also a very significant cross-over between the groups, probably 2k+ of the same people are in the top 3 groups listed.

9.2k members for KRG:

7.2k members for Racquetball Friends:

5.7k members for MRGA:

4.0k members for Reddit:

2.9k members for Pro Racquetball:

1.6k members for National Masters Racquetball Association:

1.6k members for World Racquetball News:
^^^ This one I do recommend, as I curate it and am the primary contributor of information.

1.1k members for Extreme Racquetball:

Disclaimer: Yes, I have been an admin or moderator at one point or another for all of these groups aside from Reddit, although I no longer do that for MRGA/KRG. I’m still not responsible for the initial posts of the members, just for cleaning up after them. 🙂

A response to a question on the FB post for this article:

I would prefer to see fewer groups.

One just for video, like:
Racquetball events live. (438) or Racquetball tips fotos y videos (1090) (the 2nd one is bigger, currently)

One just for discussion of the pro tours like:
Pro Racquetball

One for news from organizations and manufacturers like:
World Racquetball News

and one for generic discussion, and I would have been happy for that to have been the original one, Racquetball friends, as it already had 4k+ members when MRGA and KRG were started.

Additionally, I would love to see 1 group for each state (or group of states like New England Racquetball Players) for regional discussion and promotion. Alaska Racquetball does a great job of promoting their players and events. Other states have no discussion forum at all, or just have ones for specific cities.

The problem with all of them, is that people join and then don’t participate, so it doesn’t matter that KRG has 9.2k members when most posts are seen by fewer than 500 people.

I do really miss forums, like the 40×20 Racquetball forum that used to be run/hosted by Mike Augustin. It allowed organization of posts, threaded discussion, and easy moderation. Unfortunately, forums require action from the user, rather than the mindless scrolling associated with FB.