Cliff & Sudsy Return With More Racquetball Clinics In 2018

There are a number of well known professional racquetball coaches that put on weekend long camps, Jim Winterton and Fran Davis, in particular.

In 2018, Cliff Swain and Sudsy Monchik return to putting on a series of camps at LifeTime Fitness locations in events sponsored by Gearbox Racquetball.

Get signed up for these early! The registration links are below.

Houston (Kingwood), Texas February 3, 2018
Schaumburg, Illinois February 24, 2018
Overland Park, Kansas March 3, 2018
Columbia, Maryland September 8, 2018
East Providence, Rhode Island September 15, 2018
Minneapolis, Minnesota September 20, 2018
Cary, North Carolina September 22, 2018
Cincinnati, Ohio October 20, 2018
Atlanta, Georgia October 27, 2018

Cliff and Sudsy Racquetball Clinic 2018