2017 Recap

The following are the articles published in 2017, with their page views thru December 31st.
Which one was your favorite?

1,585 Have you ever had professional racquetball training?
781 What’s Sudsy Monchik Reading 3
506 Growth Hacking For Racquetball Tournaments
503 What are players looking for in an association website?
492 Social Media and how racquetball players aren’t helping themselves
484 Racquetball Lifestyle Apparel
431 The Social Media Blueprint
410 What’s In My Bag
373 Have you ever wondered where you can play?
243 State Association Website Review #1 – GeorgiaRacquetball.info
212 Statistics, Free Online Tools, Exploration IV
183 Three events in three weekends?
165 Christmas in August
160 Should I Buy A New Racquet?
160 State Association Website Review #3 – Arizona Racquetball
156 What’s Sudsy Monchik Reading 2
145 State Association Website Review #2 – AlabamaRacquetball.com
140 What’s Jim Winterton Reading 5
130 Racquetball and Charities
130 The LPRT starts their season this weekend