Most comprehensive book on Racquetball, or ?

I received a new book about racquetball, Advanced Racquetball, by Steve Bo Keeley this month. It may either be the most comprehensive book on racquetball ever, or the biggest doorstop added to my collection. 825 pages of material, with quite a few pictures.


I have a few problems with Mr. Keeley’s editing. His most recent book of racquetball quotes, Racquetball’s Best: Pros Speak from the Box, had editing problems starting with the introduction which is marked as being signed July 4, 2015 {page 8} (when it was physically printed February 1st, 2015 in Lexington, Kentucky {last page}). There are quotes that are clearly missing words as well.

I had hoped for a much better experience with Advanced Racquetball, as it is clear that a lot of time went into its production. Quite a few of the chapters/articles appear to have been written by or with other people and are credited as such. I’ll check back in here as I read thru the book and let you know if the editing has improved. (I didn’t keep that hope alive for long, as page 825 is the last page of the author’s timeline, and one of the years is 2913 {should have been 2013}.)

Here’s a rundown of the sections, each of which has multiple chapters or articles (count in parentheses):

Forward, Introductions, and Preface (4)
Strategy (16)
Strokes (25)
Service (16)
Shots (18)
Rally (21)
Tournament (26)
Coaches, Camps, Lessons (4)
Drills (13)
Conditioning (7)
Equipment (11)
Personality (16)
History (21)