2015 GRPA Georgia State Singles Championship

Last weekend the Georgia Racquetball Players Association put on their annual State Singles Championship tournament at Emory University.

I had already committed to playing in two divisions, C and 35+ B/C, before coming to my realization in Sarasota at the 2015 Florida Pro-Am that I’m not in good enough shape to play 4 demanding matches in the same day. My first match (C singles) went very well for me and finished in two games. I then spent a bit more than an hour refereeing a match for the next people playing on my court. I entered my second match (35+ B/C) very stiff from standing around for so long. My opponent had clearly worked very hard on his game since my last match against him in the finals of a tournament in 2013. Eric destroyed me with great play and amazing shots. He went on to win that division. My second C singles match was fairly soon after the loss to Eric, and went to three games. Suman managed to beat me in the tie breaker again, matching our results from the 2014 Georgia Games. If Eric hadn’t run me around so thoroughly, or I hadn’t stood as still as I did while reffing, there’s no telling how that match with Suman might have gone. 🙂

For the regional singles championships, I will be holding myself to a single division, the C singles, so that it can have my full effort. I’ll also be making an effort to recharge before matches by utilizing the stationary bikes available at Recreation ATL.