Racquetball Lifestyle Apparel – Revisited in 2023

Back in 2017, I had written a post about racquetball lifestyle apparel companies. Some of those companies are out of business, others have arrived to take their place.

I’ll introduce and link the current companies of which I am aware, but I’m not going to grab screenshots from their websites this time. 🙂

Odisi (pronounced Odyssey) formerly Beast Made [Minnesota based]
(they changed names for trademark/copyright/additional reasons)

Formula Flow [Maryland & Bolivia based]
Clothing for 15+ years, just added racquets/grips/balls in the last 2 years

Killshot Sports [Georgia based]
clothing since 2017

Rollout [New Jersey based]
longtime supporter of the sport, prints the t-shirts for a lot of tournaments

Splathead Sportsgear [Texas based]
another longtime supporter of the sport, prints shirts primarily for events

One Wall Ball [New York based]
They have one of the most unique options for personalization.

Or do you go strictly with your racquet manufacturer’s clothing?

Or do you just pick up whatever looks okay at a big box sporting goods store?

Or do you go even more custom, picking up clothing from Cool impresions or RQTBLR, i.e. people you have to know in person to get clothing from?