Services For Racquetball Organizations

I’ve been asked recently about what things I do for racquetball that can be done for other organizations. I have a background in software development, most recently and effectively as a product owner. This means that I research and answer the questions that determine what software gets built and what features that software has. That aspect of my professional life leads me to be good at the items below.

Yes, for those that asked, these are my charity prices. If you need a website built to sell things, with WordPress+WooCommerce / Shopify / Magento, email me about my hourly rates. If you are looking to have a wedding or funeral recorded (not broadcast) that is 1,500 for 3 hours and 1,800 if there are multiple venues (i.e. the church and a separate reception, or a church and the cemetery). There is an extra fee for a broadcast of those events and a website setup fee for the viewers.


One of the services I offer is website production and maintenance. Here are a few examples of ones I have done for regional organizations:

For this type of site, with a built-in court map and facility list, and adding ~2 articles per month, I charge $500 for the first year and $120 for each additional year. This includes domain registration and hosting. I only offer this service on WordPress sites, I do not work with Wix. I am not a graphic artist, so any graphics intended to be built into the site need to be provided by the organization commissioning the site.

I have also done sites for professional players, showcasing their matches, their social media feeds, and interviews that they have been featured in.

These two are no longer being updated (and the players have logins to update the sites themselves). This type of site is $300 for the first year and $120 for each additional year. This includes domain registration and hosting. I am not a photographer, so any featured photos will need to be sourced elsewhere and I do have good relationships with many of the best racquetball photographers so I can assist in acquiring the rights for a player to use action photos on their website. I also keep up a YouTube playlist for the player for this type of site, adding videos broadcast by the IRT, IRF, LPRT, or USAR. This gets embedded on an appropriate page of the site and individual matches from an event are frequently added as part of an event recap.

Forum Moderation

I moderate a number of racquetball discussion groups on Facebook. This primarily includes removing spam posts, approving new members, setting up the rules for participation, etc. For this I charge $5 per month, or it can be included with a website project for free the first year, with the additional years being $150 instead of $120.

Here are a few of the discussion groups I moderate currently:
World Racquetball News (1,000+ members)
Outdoor Underground Racquetball (500+ members)

Texas Racquetball (1,300+ members)
Houston Racquetball (999 members)

South Carolina Racquetball (480+ members)

Racquetball Friends (6,000+ members)

Racquetball tips, photos, y videos (900+ members – primarily Spanish language posts)


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Be sure to take a look and explore what I can offer for you.

Facebook Advertising

If you are holding an event that is 6+ months away, there are valid strategies to use Facebook Advertising to reach players in your city, county, and state that can directly impact your event attendance. Plan on spending the price for 2 people to pay for their first division. Then plan on paying me 10% of that, and I will create the ads and target the ads for you on your Facebook page. If you don’t have a Facebook page for your event or organization, and you don’t have a discussion group for that same audience, I can help you build those as well. Since there isn’t any website hosting or domain registration involved, the price for this is $300 for setup and if you need the ongoing discussion group moderation, then that would be the only ongoing fee.

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