What’s In My Bag – 2022 Edition

Back in 2017, there were a lot of videos of racquetball players pulling things out of their bags and saying that this was what they carried. I’m more interested in if the bag is organized and organizable, and able to fit the equipment I carry. I put up a slideshow (in 2017 and 2019) showing the Ally Bag from Gearbox Racquetball, and how I put everything I take to the racquetball courts in that bag.

Outside pockets: These hold two racquets each. Currently they hold two of the Gearbox M40 170T racquets and two of the new GB3K 170 Teardrop racquets.

Shoe tunnel: Holds size 12 Asics volleyball shoes. Usually, the Gel Rockets but didn’t find them in stock last time I went to the Asics outlet store and don’t recall which exact model I am wearing now. (Not pictured above.) Will be replacing in January, as shoes that take a beating like these have to don’t last forever and are good for about 6 months. I will go with Gel Rockets again, if I can find them in black.

Eyeglass pocket: I keep two sets of Gearbox Vision Eyewear in this pocket.

Bluetooth speaker pocket: I usually keep a comb and some headbands in the pocket with my bluetooth speaker that comes out when I am practicing.

Main compartment: This always starts with containers of balls. I keep a variety of colors to ensure that my opponents aren’t unfairly disadvantaged by the colors of the carpets/etc. outside the courts. Blue, Black, Red

Main compartment continued: I keep extra Gearbox Movement Gloves in one of the inside pockets, and a couple of extra Gearbox Absorption Grips and Gearbox Smooth Wrap Grips in the other. I don’t change out of the grips at the courts, I just need a convenient place to keep track of them until they are needed.

Main compartment continued: A box of emergency supplies, a pick to help re-do a wrist cord, bandaids, pain reliever, allergy reliever, etc.

Main compartment not pictured: After everything listed above, I have room for clothing and a towel, usually in a separate internal bag, to ensure that showering and changing are easily pursued after my court time. I have over 70 different shirts from Gearbox Apparel so I can always get something fresh on.

Along one side of the bag, is a glove cord. I keep the most recently played gloves here, I have 4 in the photo, but if you alternate their directions, it is easy to keep 8-10 on this cord.

At the top of the glove cord, is an attachment that I put my combination lock on. This keeps the critical elements safe while I shower.