Statistics, Free Online Tools, Exploration III

I like numbers.
I like maps.

I like to understand how many of a thing there are, and where they are.

I spent a few minutes this morning examining the 2016 United Healthcare US Open participant list. I took the number of players from each US state and put them on a map. I did the same thing for each country.

The individual statistics don’t match the grand total. This is disappointing because R2Sports can require full details from a registering player, yet somehow there are 600 players for the USA in the Country list but only 596 when looked at from the States list. There are also only 701 players on the country list, but 723 on the list by name. Some of this is explained by the participant list including people that bought tickets for the pro matches, but aren’t playing in any divisions.

BatchGeo has an excellent mapping service, that will let you set a number of items onto a location and then see them on a map.

View 2016 United Healthcare US Open Players by State in a full screen map

View 2016 United Healthcare US Open Players by Country in a full screen map

I took a look at these same numbers in 2015, and you can find my info and the maps here.
I did a similar article looking at the number of certified referees and instructors, here.