T-120 The Road To US Nationals

At the time of this writing, it is Monday the 9th of October 2023. There are 120 days remaining before the 2024 USA Racquetball National Indoor Championships, which will start play on Wednesday February 7th, 2024.


I have signed up to play in the 50+ singles division.

Challenges to getting good results at that event:

1) Weight. I am 265 pounds and was 200 pounds and looking/feeling good back when I was 40 (12 years ago).

2) Conditioning. I have played doubles almost exclusively since moving to California in 2019.

Plans to attack those challenges:

1a) I have enjoyed life most with Dr. Pepper. Dr. Pepper makes a fast-food meal acceptable. Both have to go. All restaurant and fast-food dining will be removed, which will remove all of the carbonated and sugared beverages from my life. I do drink three 28-ounce bottles of water per day, with the occasional 4C Energy Rush stirred in, so those will stay, and the water intake will probably increase to four or five bottles. (and yes, for those that asked, these are recycled bottles that had their first life as a Gatorade or PowerAde container)

1b) Processed foods must go. No grains, no pastas, no breads, no sugars. Atkins was a very successful plan to get me down to 200 when I was approaching 40 and a more sustainable version is the plan between now and the event.

2a) I will be drilling more often as I change my schedule to play in the later evenings and will have fewer opponents after 8 pm. (Feel free to join me, 5 pm or later start, at the 2 indoor courts at Rapid City Swim.)

2b) I will be utilizing the exercises detailed in my Alphabet Workout For Racquetball Players article as well as the ladder drills in my Agility Ladder Drills article to improve my court experiences by focusing on my agility and ability to get to the ball for the best shot.

Possible plans:

Additional actions I might consider as the event gets closer:

A) Work with a personal trainer that knows high level racquetball. If I go this route, I will choose one of those listed in my article Personal Trainers For Racquetball Success.

B) Work with a professional coach or coaching group. If I go this route, I will choose one of those listed on my Learning page.


If you have a recommendation for a specific drill, a specific exercise, or a specific food, feel free to reach out to me via the Contact page on this site.