Worldwide Racquetball Tournament Calendar

I was asked:

Where can one find racquetball tournament schedules for the world?

My answer was:

Multi-country events put on by the IRF:

European events:

USA’s sanctioned events:

Canada’s sanctioned events:

Ireland’s sanctioned events:

Todd Boss of Pro Racquetball Stats / USAR Board of Directors member has a document that lists events of note, his “Master Event Calendar”.

For the vast majority of Latin American and Asian countries, you would need to follow their racquetball association on Facebook or simply join the World Racquetball News discussion group as I share those announcements as frequently as possible.

At this time, there is no single world-wide racquetball calendar where all of the organizations report their schedules.

Photo/art credit to Sudsy Monchik / Veronica Sotomayor.