What gear does that guy use?

When watching the pro matches on the IRT, LPRT, or WRT, I would naively expect the commentators to discuss the pros’ equipment. I would particularly expect it when the manufacturers have just released new models and the pros have just started using them. I don’t ever seem to catch any of that type of discussion. Perhaps an interview or two between matches about how the pro likes the new model, what they like about it, if they changed weights because of a balance change, etc.

Fortunately, Racquetball Warehouse and Gearbox have known of my interest and can keep me up to date on what the players are actually using.

Alvaro Beltran
Alex Cardona
Jake Bredenbeck
David Horn

The extra detail on how they string their racquets and why they string the way the do, as detailed on Gearbox’s site, is of particular interest, as I restring at least one of my racquets about a week prior to every tournament. Playing 4-5 days per week and not having a perfectly flat swing leads to lots of wear and tear and lots of opportunities to improve performance and longevity by changing how my racquet is strung.