What’s In My Bag – 2019

Back in 2017, there were a lot of videos of racquetball players pulling things out of their bags, and saying that this was what they carried. I’m more interested in if the bag is organized and organizable, and able to fit the equipment I carry. I put up a slideshow showing the Ally Bag from Gearbox Racquetball, and how I put everything I take to the racquetball courts in that bag.

(I’ve taken some things out of the bag since that time, the roller, the agility ladder, the blue painter’s tape, and the Tiger Balm, specifically. I don’t use them often enough to carry them around all the time, although they would still fit in the bag.)

Unboxing The Player Package
(the 2019-2020 uniforms won’t arrive until September)

The contents of the bag and where everything fits

Shoe Tunnel
Size 13 high tops, only worn on the court, Under Armour Jet Mid

Outside pocket #1
Two Gearbox GB-M40 170T blue teardrop racquets.

Outside pocket #2
Two Gearbox 10th Anniversary 170T blue teardrop racquets as backup for when strings break or when the first two racquets are being loaned out to players that haven’t hit with this year’s best racquets.

Main compartment, at the top handle
Splathead provided Military Racquetball Federation towels from the 2018 and 2019 National and Regional events. Two additional kitchen towels for removing sweat between games.

Adjustable side divider in the main compartment
I use this area to carry my knee support. I hyper extended my knee a few years ago walking down some carpeted stairs. When I have particular types of stress, my knee will act up, and I can pull out the appropriate support and get on with my game.

Main compartment, below the towels
A selection of racquetballs, to suit every opponent

Light emergency medicines
Band aids, pain reliever, Benadryl, and some asthma medication that will stop me from competing in international events
Also a long sharp pointy, that is used to help re-run wrist cords thru handles, which seems to be necessary for newer players more often than I would have expected

Outside pocket #3, next to the current year’s racquets
Two pair Gearbox Vision Eyewear

Outside pocket #4, near the 10th Anniversary racquets
Headbands and wristbands, the comb goes in this pocket as well

Built-in lock holder, near the handle
Combination lock

Main compartment, above the medicines
Gearbox Movement Gloves, right hand, XL, unopened, for emergencies or that opponent or doubles partner that just has to have a better grip on their racquet, right now!

Main compartment, near the gloves
Ivation Bluetooth + Memory card speaker – does not appear to be available anymore on Amazon, I always run it from the hundreds of songs stored on the flash memory card
(Can’t wear headphones during a match, so I don’t wear them during practice.) I use the speaker when I am warming up and my opponents haven’t arrived, or if I am just on the court practicing.

Inside mesh pocket, in the main compartment
Keys, phone, wallet, etc.

Second inside mesh pocket, in the main compartment
Facial tissue. As an asthmatic with many allergies to just about everything that pollinates, I don’t leave home without it.

Main compartment, on top of everything else
The Daily Racquetball and Gearbox Racquetball apparel that I will use while I practice/play.

Along Outside Pocket #2
There is a glove cord sewn into the bag. Each area has space for two gloves to attach.