Gearbox Racquetball Demo Nights In Northwest Atlanta Metro

Gearbox Racquetball Demo Nights in the northwest Atlanta metro area! Get to these events to get hands on time with the new Gearbox GBX1 racquets! Thursday 6-8 pm (today) LA Fitness Marietta South Powers Ferry @ Terrell Mill (Between Delk Road and Windy Hill off of I-75 N) Saturday 8-10 am LA Fitness Towne Lake … Continue reading Gearbox Racquetball Demo Nights In Northwest Atlanta Metro

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GBX1 – New racquets for a new competitive year

This morning, Gearbox Sports announced their new lineup of racquets for the 2016-2017 tournament season. It started with an email sent out to all of the players that have signed up on their notification page.  It was followed a few hours later by sales posts on Facebook by Racquetball Warehouse and RacquetWorld.  Other online stores … Continue reading GBX1 – New racquets for a new competitive year

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New t-shirts for summer

I like to start the summer months with new t-shirts.  Gearbox Sports delivers right on time with their new summer collection. Are you supporting the racquetball manufacturers by buying their branded clothes, or are you thoughtlessly giving your money to shoe companies that don’t care about racquetball at all? I see a lot of players … Continue reading New t-shirts for summer

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Agility Ladder Drills for Racquetball

I spent Saturday the 19th of March helping with a racquetball clinic at Recreation ATL. The members of the Facebook group, Georgia Women’s Racquetball, put it on for the interested women in Georgia and Alabama. There were about 40 attendees with all levels of experience. There were seven open or pro level coaches teaching the racquet … Continue reading Agility Ladder Drills for Racquetball

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Equipment manufacturers

The last few years have see some changes in the racquetball manufacturers landscape.  Dunlop appears to have abandoned their product line in 2014, and Harrow announced officially leaving the game in 2016.  In stark contrast to these two companies, Cliff Swain is introducing his second custom racquet that is only available thru his website. Cliff’s original … Continue reading Equipment manufacturers

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