Christmas/Birthday Presents For Racquetball Players

Threads were created this week in the Racquetball Friends group on Facebook and on the Reddit Racquetball subreddit asking for present ideas for racquetball players.

Suggestions ran the gamut of pricing, from stocking stuffers (can of ball, new glove), to the one time amazing (coaching clinic attendance with one of the top pros, trip to a special racquetball event).

I like the idea and will add a few of my own to the mix.

Under $20

A can or 4 of balls. Blue, Black, Red&Blue, Orange&Black, Other Colors

A wrap grip or 2 or 3 in different colors other than the traditional black. Gearbox

A rubber grip or 3 in the colors of their choice. Python

A new glove. Gearbox, Others

Towels to wipe off sweat. Microfiber, Cotton

A few headbands. Gearbox, Others

If the player has a stringing machine or you know they haven’t restrung their racquet in a while (i.e. there is no logo on the strings), then packages of string. Gearbox, Others

If you can have some time alone with their racquet, and their strings don’t have a logo on them, then adding a stencil to the racquet is a great personalization! Stencils, Inks

Membership to USA Racquetball.

Between $20 and $50

Racquetball specific apparel. Earlier article listing the companies I’d consider.

Tournament entry fees. Varies greatly by region.

A new pair of eyewear (ideally match what they have, just newer so that they are clean and unscratched). Gearbox, Others

The US Open pro matches on DVD. 2003-2017.

Coach Fran Davis‘ Book & DVD. Direct from Fran.

Membership to USA Racquetball. One Year.

Between $50 and $150

New racquetball shoes. Mizuno, Asics, Nike Basketball shoes, the pros seem to favor the Kobe’s and the Jordan’s. Keep to the same brand they currently use, if you can.

A new bag to carry all of their racquetball stuff to and from the gym. Gearbox, Others

A case of balls. (12-24 cans of balls, usually between $50-$120 plus shipping)

Multiple gloves! One is good, four or five is better.

More than $150 or recurring charges

Gym membership. Take that expense away from the player by paying for a year.

Online coaching. Coach Jim Winterton, Sudsy Monchik

In person coaching. Coach Jim Winterton and team, Coach Fran Davis, Sudsy Monchik, Cliff Swain

Racquetball camps or clinics. Adjust the dates when you get to the search page.

A trip to the US Open (largest racquetball event every year).

A trip to the World Outdoor Racquetball championship events. Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Fort Lauderdale, or Hollywood, Florida

Membership in USA Racquetball. Three Year or Lifetime.


Let me know what you feel that I’ve missed via the Contact page!