Top Posts of 2020

The posts were a bit slower here this year, mostly because of the focus on Daily Racquetball‘s website and social media efforts.

Articles published here in 2020, ranked by views:

1,255 Save Our Courts
1,059 How Would I Find Players In City X?
769 Alphabet Workout For Racquetball Players
734 Racquetball in the time of COVID-19
727 Rebuilding Courts In Mississippi
710 Make An Impact For Racquetball This Fall
621 Comprehensive Lists
619 Location, Location, Location
472 Interesting Maths…
411 Facebook Plan For City/State/Regional Associations
232 Multi-camera video for Racquetball streaming 2020 edition

Google Analytics keeps track of Daily Racquetball page views for me.

Here are the top 15 pages/articles of all time for the site, since its introduction in 2017. The 2nd item, the /, is the main page of the site, which indicates that more people are entering the site from the Where To Play Racquetball maps page than anywhere else.

The next graphic is the traffic just for 2020, where you can see that the maps are completely dominant.

To get to a non-map article on Daily Racquetball, you had to go to the 29th most visited page, Quick News. After that, the next non-map article was #40, about the 2020 Longhorn Open that included the embedded video playlist of the matches.

Which were your favorites? Let us know!