Location, Location, Location

This conversation come up on Reddit’s Racquetball forum. It helped trigger putting some things into words that I’d been considering for a while. What would you add or change? https://www.reddit.com/r/racquetball/comments/f5bdp1/opening_a_raquectball_facility/ As with any business, location will be critical. You want a large enough population to support your facility and yet a small enough cost for … Continue reading Location, Location, Location

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How Would I Find Players In City X?

In my experience, the number one question asked by existing racquetball players is “how do I find players in city X”? Here’s a few recent examples: https://www.reddit.com/r/racquetball/comments/ehx4fk/where_to_play/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/1987674258220861/permalink/2524207161234232/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/208962609136484/search/?query=vancouver&epa=SEARCH_BOX There are a number of ways that I address this personally. First, I would check to see if there are facilities on the currently most comprehensive … Continue reading How Would I Find Players In City X?

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Stumbled Over This Today

The poll above was on a website with the state’s name. A different URL is the official website of the state’s racquetball association. Questions that prompted this post for me: 1) I would consider all of these things as racquetball news, a) Tournament announcements b) Tournament results / reviews / recaps c) League announcements / … Continue reading Stumbled Over This Today

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Racquetball Court Maps

I was asked how to add a Racquetball Court Map to a website managed via Weebly this weekend. I documented the process that resulted in the maps on Tennessee Racquetball’s and Virginia Racquetball’s websites. {Disclaimer: I think the maps on Georgia Racquetball, Alabama Racquetball, and Austin Racquetball are much more full featured and a better … Continue reading Racquetball Court Maps

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2019 UnitedHealthcare US Open – Where did the golds go?

I took a bit of time to review the divisions and the gold medals awarded at the 2019 UnitedHealthcare US Open. Gold Medal Counts by Country or US State from the 2019 UnitedHealthcare US Open Controversial decision: Players are listed with their state of residence, not with their country of origin/nationality, if/when they differ. i.e. … Continue reading 2019 UnitedHealthcare US Open – Where did the golds go?

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2019 US Open Statistics (Where are the players from?)

2019 UnitedHealthcare US OPEN Racquetball Championships​ Statistics from: https://www.r2sports.com/website/participants.asp?TID=30501&display=YES Which number surprises you the most? 731 Participants (This is a not a player count, this will include people that have only purchased Pro Match tickets or Gold boxes.) R2Sports updated their reporting from prior years, now the “By Country” list matches the total for the … Continue reading 2019 US Open Statistics (Where are the players from?)

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