Video Editing For Racquetball Rallies

One of the things that racquetball could really use, is more short video clips of the pros in action. If the tours don’t have staff or time to create these videos, then the players might get permission to sample the existing broadcasts for video clips to put on their social media streams. {Don’t use these … Continue reading Video Editing For Racquetball Rallies

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What’s Sudsy Monchik reading?

I’ve posted a number of times about books mentioned by Jim Winterton (1, 2, 3, 4) or Fran Davis (1).  Today’s post is about a book that Sudsy Monchik, the #RacquetballGuy, tweeted about.  It seems to be a good match for the mental toughness needed for multiple day tournaments that are the norm in racquetball.  I’ll be … Continue reading What’s Sudsy Monchik reading?

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2016 World Racquetball Tour Atlanta Open

The World Racquetball Tour is coming to Recreation ATL September 15-18, 2016 for the 2016 WRT Atlanta Open Singles and Doubles Championships! A full complement of amateur divisions will be played in addition to the professional division.  Join us in person and play some great racquetball! Sign Up Online for this September 15-18 Tournament. Each day, Promoting … Continue reading 2016 World Racquetball Tour Atlanta Open

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Local Racquetball Success, Are You Having It?

Reporting from the wild world of outdoor racquetball: Martin Rivera The scene: Kendale Lakes Park, Miami, Florida The setting: eight 3-wall outdoor racquetball courts (lit) The sponsors: Gearbox Sports and Racquetball Warehouse The rules: WOR rules with two serves The participants: Usually play on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 6:30 to 10pm, Saturday and Sunday from 9am … Continue reading Local Racquetball Success, Are You Having It?

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Conflicting event dates make me sad, 5

The end of August and beginning of September mark the start of the professional racquetball seasons after quick breaks for summer. Many of the top players will have played for their countries at the International Racquetball Federation’s 18th World Championship in Cali, Colombia in July. Others will have played outdoor racquetball events. In the southeast, … Continue reading Conflicting event dates make me sad, 5

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